Sunday, May 08, 2005

ISESCO calls upon Islamic world to promote education in order to access knowledge society - Irna

Islamic Republic News Agency story

"On the occasion of the twenty-third anniversary of its creation (3 May 1982-3 May 2005), which will be celebrated next Tuesday, the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) addressed a message to the Islamic world, a copy of which faxed to IRAN on Saturday, which reads as follows:

"'"The increasing challenges resulting from the rapid changes through which the world is going in all areas require devoting the utmost attention to the overall and integrated promotion of education in the fifty seven Member States of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, fifty one of which are members of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization...........

"'Studies and research carried out by ISESCO and UNESCO have proven that the sole means to acquire the development capacities that favor progress in all areas is to give priority to the promotion of educational infrastructure, the modernization of educational curricula and the provision of the adequate working means and financial resources for education. This will certainly entail a positive qualitative shift in the whole educational process, in accordance with the cultural particularities and national choices of each country, and full awareness of the conjuncture's trends and changes that raise the status of education within society and make of it a means of civilizational development.'"

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