Monday, May 09, 2005

"Engineers Help To Save And Reconstruct The Past"

Science Daily article:

"Each time an ancient vase disintegrates, a ceramic tile crumbles or a painting cracks and fades, another link with our past is lost and we understand just a little less about where we came from and, ultimately, who we are.

"When the last artisan dies and an ancient technology is lost, we're similarly impoverished, says Pamela Vandiver, an internationally recognized expert in artifact preservation and, now, a professor at The University of Arizona.

"Vandiver came to UA last year to start a program in Heritage Conservation Science (HCS) that trains students to stabilize, preserve and better understand ancient artifacts and how they were created and used.........

"Preserving ancient technologies is so important that UNESCO recently started an international program to preserve craft knowledge, Vandiver says. The program is similar to the one that designates World Heritage Sites."

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