Sunday, May 29, 2005


Agenzia Giornalistica Italia - News In English article:

"An international seminar is under way in Assisi to define the guidelines for a European Portal for Culture. The portal, which is seen as a means to bolster intercultural dialogue, is part of an EU and Italy-backed initiative called 'Agenore', which was launched in September 2003. The seminar, attended by delegations of the EU Commission and the 25 EU member states, was held during a 3-day event on European culture which aims at setting up 'an online archive about the key figures and works of European culture as identified by each EU member state.' A spin-off of this project is the Portal for Culture, an online library featuring the best of each country's cultural heritage, from archaeology to art, cinema, music and literature. The goal is to favour intercultural dialogue by highlighting cultural differences. The seminar, which ends today, aims at integrating new technologies with cultural heritage as part of a digitalisation strategy launche by the EU Commission back in 2000 when UNESCO sites were first included in an online archive."

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