Tuesday, October 17, 2006

UNESCO and Indigenous Peoples: Partnership to Promote Cultural Diversity

Check out UNESCO and Indigenous Peoples: Partnership to Promote Cultural Diversity!

The information booklet, released in June 2004, explains UNESCO’s vision, strategy, programs and mechanisms regarding intercultural dialogue and partnerships with indigenous peoples. The booklet includes lessons learned from the First International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People and illustrates the kinds of actions that UNESCO will pursue during the Second International Decade on the World’s Indigenous People (2005-2014) in its areas of competence: education, social and natural science, culture and communication.
It thus bears witness to UNESCO’s commitment to take into account the proposals of indigenous peoples with a view to elaborating specific programs to enhance their cultural identity and to encourage intercultural dialogue.

For more information on UNESCO's initiatives to promote intercultural dialogue, please refer to our previous posting Dialogue Among Civilizations to Build Peace in The Minds of Men

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