Tuesday, October 10, 2006

6th annual SEAL of Excellence for Handicrafts in Southeast Asia

An international panel of experts in design, marketing and handicraft production have gathered across four regions in Asia to judge a record number of entries for the 2006 UNESCO Seal of Excellence in Handicrafts (referred to as the SEAL). 129 submissions were received from Southeast Asia.

Twenty-seven awards* were granted for the Southeast Asia region. Products will be displayed at the Bangkok International Gift fair between 17th and 22nd of October at Impact Exhibition Centre Hall.

SEAL was established to encourage craft-workers to use traditional skills and materials. The SEAL looks to ensure the continuation of traditional knowledge and the preservation of cultural diversity in the region. Submissions are reviewed against six key criteria, incorporating excellence, innovation, authenticity, marketability, eco-friendliness and social responsibility. By recognizing such attributes in craftsmanship, the program aims to set quality standards, raise international awareness and strengthen market demand for Asian handicraft products.

* See press release for full details of winners.

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Photo: Textile Weaving in Laos © UNESCO Bangkok

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