Monday, October 16, 2006

NatCom Newsletter -- The New Issue is Out

U.S. National Commission for UNESCO Newsletter, Volume 2, Issue 3, July/August/September 2006.

In This Issue:
* Comments from the Acting Executive Director

* Greece hosts UNESCO Director General’s Region I Consultations with National Commissions

* Mrs. Laura Bush hosts the first-ever White House Conference on Global Literacy

* UNESCO Education Sector begins instituting management reforms

* Update on Overall Review Committee for Programmes II (Natural Sciences) and III (Social and Human Sciences)

* U.S. National Committee for the International Hydrological Program Agrees to host 2007 Regional Biannual Meeting

* UNESCO Chair at Cornell University assists in hosting networking event at UN-HABITAT Forum

* World Heritage Committee meets in Lithuania; Action Taken on Everglades

* Young Professionals Program opened for 2007

* UNESCO Job Vacancies

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