Wednesday, August 16, 2006

UNESCO supports MTV's first film competition on HIV/AIDS prevention

"Within the framework of UNESCO’s Global Network of Young TV Producer’s on HIV and AIDS and as part of MTV International’s ongoing HIV and AIDS prevention campaign, Staying Alive, the fortyeightfest competition is a first-time event that gives 48 youths, mainly from developing countries, 48-hours to write, shoot, edit and deliver three-minute short films on HIV and AIDS grassroots efforts during the Toronto XVI International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2006) 14-16 August 2006."

"The fortyeightfest competition will be broken into eight teams of six filmmakers from all over the world, who are also youth delegates to AIDS 2006." Their short films will be compiled into a 30-minute documentary that will showcase the films as well as behind-the-scenes footage as the young filmmakers progress through their many stages of film production.

"On August 17, all of the shorts will be screened by the contestants, their mentors and AIDS 2006 delegates." The fortyeightfest short films and documentary will be made available for broadcast across MTV’s network of TV channels, broadband services and websites as well as for rights-free and cost-free worldwide broadcast to third party broadcasters in September 2006.

"Fortyeightfest is supported by a consortium of partners and donors including the Canadian International Development Agency, UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNESCO and The Kaiser Family Foundation. The event is hosted by MTV in Canada."

For full article, please refer to: UNESCO supports MTV’s first multi-platform film competition on HIV and AIDS prevention

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