Saturday, August 05, 2006

The Creative Cities Network

The Creative Cities Network connects creative cities so that they can share experiences, know-how, training in business skills and technology. Cities may apply to be endorsed by the Network and join the programme to ensure their continued role as centres of excellence and to support other cities, particularly those in developing countries, in nurturing their own creative economy.

The cities that have been appointed to the network are:
* Aswan, Egypt - UNESCO City of Folk Art
* Berlin, Germany - UNESCO City of Design
* Bologna, Italy - UNESCO City of Music
* Buenos Aires, Argentina - UNESCO City of Design
* Edinburgh, UK - UNESCO City of Literature
* Montreal, Canada - UNESCO City of Design
* Popayan, Colombia - UNESCO City of Gastronomy
* Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA - UNESCO City of Folk Art
* Seville, Spain - UNESCO City of Music

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