Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"UNESCO Associated Schools: Partners in Intercultural Learning"

Read the full 2004 article by Susan Fountain.

"The world's oldest and largest international network of educational institutions is UNESCO's Associated Schools Project (ASPnet), established in 1953 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The goal of ASPnet is to promote peace and international understanding through education. Since 1953, ASPnet has grown to nearly 7,700 educational institutions in 176 countries, ranging from pre-school to teacher training. To become an Associated School, schools commit to undertake substantive work related to one of four ASPnet priority themes:
* World concerns and the role of the United Nations system
* Human rights, democracy and tolerance
* Intercultural learning
* Environmental concerns and sustainable development
"ASPnet offers teachers, students and parents opportunities for exchange and networking with their counterparts in the United States and around the world who share their concerns for global education and issues of conflict resolution, human rights and sustainability. UNESCO does not have a prescribed curriculum for Associated Schools. Rather, it offers a range of educational projects and materials for teachers to select from and adapt to their own national and state standards, either through the formal curriculum or through extracurricular activities."

Check out:
* the UNESCO ASONet website
* InterConnections21 (which manages the 30 U.S. school network)

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