Saturday, December 24, 2005

Susan D'Antoni Joins Advisors to the Development Gateway

Susan D'Antoni has been named a Content Advisors to the Open Educational Resources portal of the Development Gateway. This portal provides free Access to open materials for teaching, learning and research. It is the basis of a "community of interest" with more than 350 members. The portal is operated by the Development Gateway Foundation, a U.S. NGO, with the supported of the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Susan D’Antoni is a leader of the community developing educational technology. She heads the Virtual Institute of the UNESCO International Institute for Educational Planning, which is located in Paris. She manages the distance education activities, Internet forums and the IIEP Alumni Network.

Currently, with her leadership, IIEP is supporting two international Communities of Interest, one of which is on “Open Educational Resources and Open Content for Higher Education” with more than 470 members from 87 countries. The second is on “Free and Open Source Software for E-learning”, with more than 270 members from 57 countries.

D’Antoni edited the IIEP web publication, The Virtual University: Models and messages/Lessons from case studies.

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