Thursday, December 15, 2005

HIV and AIDS Education

Read Peter Smith's full article in the Bulletin of Education Today

"Today, nearly forty million people are living with HIV. Experts agree that education could help limit the further spread of the pandemic.Yet many countries are slow to put in place a coherent HIV and AIDS prevention education plan. FOCUS, a four-page dossier, reports......

"As a former university president and US Congressman, I have seen first-hand how devastating HIV and AIDS can be. But I have also seen what education can do to reduce the impact of the disease. We need to teach children and young adults about how HIV is transmitted and prevented, and how to care for and support those infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS......

"I’m proud of UNESCO’s leading role in EDUCAIDS, the Global Initiative on HIV and AIDS. We assist countries in finding the best ways to curb the spread of HIV and AIDS through education and to protect the core functions of education systems that are constantly being threatened by the epidemic’s advance.

"EDUCAIDS is one of UNESCO’s three new initiatives (which also tackle the issues of teacher training and literacy). We believe that by intensifying efforts in these areas we will considerably accelerate progress towards Education for All by 2015."

Read the full issue of the Bulletin which focuses on HIV/AIDS.

Read about Peter Smith
, the assistant director-general for education at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

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