Thursday, August 23, 2012

World Heritage Passport

As part of the 40th Anniversary Celebration of UNESCO's World Heritage Program, the National Park Service has coordinated the release of a new National Park Service passport specifically aimed at U.S. World Heritage sites.
Some of you may be familiar with the National Park Service passport program, which promotes travel to our nations park sites and recognizes travellers who do.
Tying World Heritage sites in the U.S. to the NPS Passport idea was an idea that came out of our UNESCO Commission - and the National Park Service really followed through on it.

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Sarah said...

What a great way to inspire travel! My grandfather worked for IBM and traveled a lot, and usually he'd tie in a family vacation with trips that were within driving distance. As a result, my mom got to see much of the country. It's always bothered her that it simply wasn't affordable for her to do the same for us. She said this "passport" is well worth the asking price and that for retirement, she'd love to rent/buy a small RV and work her way through it with my dad.