Saturday, April 07, 2012

Without Comment

The dean of the journalism department at Baghdad University, Hashim Hasan, in a UNESCO workshop described the struggles of teaching in contemporary Iraq. His classrooms are not equipped with computers. But even if they were, there is no broadband Internet connectivity. And even were there computers and broadband, the university lacks reliable electricity service. Hasan concluded softly reciting a poem he wrote for the UNESCO workshop.

We are the butterflies of the media,
The lovers of pens,
The makers of the photo and the movie.
We fly in the world of dreams,
Render truth accurately,
Seek love and peace.
We are the butterflies of the media,
Our dream is the transparency of the truth,
The happiness of human beings.

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Sarah of Online Degree said...

It really makes you wish truth could be something so transparent... perhaps it never will be for everyone, but the dream is beautiful.