Friday, April 20, 2012

Two U.S. Heritage Education Programs

The University of Florida Paris World Heritage in Practice: Paris Program

The University of Florida Paris Research Center offers an exceptional base for learning in the heart of Paris. The Reid Hall facilities date from the 18th century and have been property of Columbia University since 1964. In 2003, the UF Paris Research Center joined the Reid Hall academic community to facilitate and promote international academic endeavors. 
Located on the Left Bank of the Seine, Reid Hall ( is a two-minute walk from the Luxembourg Gardens. The Montparnasse district adjoins the Latin Quarter of the University of Paris, popularly known as the Sorbonne for its original college founded in the 13th century. 
Neighborhood cafés and bookstores evoke the Hemingway MOVEABLE FEAST of Paris in the 1920s or post-World War II Paris recalled in the Julia Child memoire MY LIFE IN FRANCE.
The University of Minnesota Center for World Heritage Studies

The Center for World Heritage Studies is dedicated to research and education in the protection, conservation, and enhancement of global heritage. 
In 2005 the University of Minnesota College of Design (formerly College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture) created the Center for World Heritage Studies, in conjunction with a formal agreement signed with UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre in Paris. The relationship is unique among American universities. At the same time, The School of Architecture established a M.S. degree program with a concentration in Heritage Conservation and Preservation—the first and only such program in the state of Minnesota. The Center works in cooperation with the programs of UNESCO, the School of Architecture, and in partnership with others in the academic community, as well as practitioners.

UNESCO World Heritage Center
© UNESCO / Eric Esquivel


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Property Dealers in Delhi NCR said...

You have posted awesome news, keep it up. Thanks for sharing.

Sarah said...

I had a friend do the program at Minnesota, she loved it. Highly recommended it to anyone interested in world studies.

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