Saturday, September 17, 2011

The UNESCO General and Regional Histories: A Contribution to the Rapprochement of Cultures

A 10 minute film to illustrate the extraordinary intellectual adventure embodied in the elaboration of the General and Regional Histories of UNESCO. Launched in 1952 by UNESCO, this endeavour has generated 51 volumes of History in 6 different Collections: The History of Humanity, the General History of Africa, the History of the Civilizations of Central Asia, the General History of Latin America, the General History of the Caribbean and the Different Aspects of the Islamic Culture. Mobilizing more than 1800 historians and experts from all regions of the world, this vast enterprise has introduced a new understanding of human history by highlighting the exchanges between peoples and cultures and their respective contributions to the general progress of humanity.

These books are rather expensive, intended for reference libraries and professional  but many are available from UNESCO publications.

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