Saturday, September 03, 2011

Solidarity Days of World Heritage Cities September 8

The Organization of the World Heritage Cities was created on September 8, 1993, in Fez (Marocco). In commemoration of this big event, September 8 was declared “Solidarity Day of the World Heritage Cities” and all these cities are welcomed to commemorate it every year.
The OWHC urges the administration of each member city to take advantage of this day to stress the important responsibility of the city to protect as well as promote the world heritage and especially the privilege of having a part of that heritage in their city.
On September 8, 2011, the World Heritage Cities proud of this title will celebrate the 16th Solidarity Day of the World Heritage Cities. At this occasion, member cities of the OWHC from all around the world will underline their outstanding universal value by organizing different activities that aim at highlighting their uniqueness. We encourage you to be part of them!
The Organization is composed of 238 cities in which are located sites included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The United States has emphasized archaeological and natural sites in its nominations, and consequently only New York, Philadelphia and San Juan Puerto Rico are cities with sites on the World Heritage List. Unfortunately, none of the cities in the United States has chosen to join in this network.

La Fortaleza, A World Heritage site in Puerto Rico
(I have always wondered whether Tomas O'Daly, one of the Irish Wild Geese in the 18th century who joined the Spanish Army and was credited with modernizing the fortress of San Cristóbal, was an ancestor of mine. John Daly)

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