Monday, October 11, 2010

What Does UNESCO Do?

Every Day UNESCO

  • PROMOTES EDUCATIN FORALL, now impacting 1.5 billion children, youth and adults
  • Monitors World Heritage properties in 151 countries and intangible heritage in 130 countries
  • Fosters sustainable development through 564 biosphere reserves in 109 countries
  • Combats violations of press freedom and condemns harassment, imprisonment and killings of journalists
  • Monitors some 2500 endangered languages and tracks some four million translated works in over 1000 languages.
  • Leads 26 UN agencies in assessing freshwater resources leads 121 countries in developing Tsunami warning systems
  • Runs the only global database on bioethics, environmental ethics, and science and technology ethics.
  • Fights discrimination through sic regional coalitions of 4858 "Cities Against Racism."
  • Promotes conservation of documentary heritage with items from 84 countries on the Memory of the World Register.
  • Supports the efforts of 75 million teachers to provide quality education.

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