Tuesday, May 04, 2010

A UNESCO World Heritage Flag?

This flag, which I found on the Internet, has "World Heritage" written in Spanish and Norwegian as well as English. I wonder whether it is an authorized flag, or simply one that was created in Scandinavia for specific world heritage sites.

This is the so called Roerich Peace Flag. The Roerich Peace Pact, signed in 1935 by 35 countries in the Western Hemisphere, provided that cultural properties marked by this flag would be protected in times of war much as the Red Cross/Red Crescent flag is used to protect medical facilities in time of war. Is it a precursor to a UNESCO World Heritage flag?

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sites.jk said...

The World Heritage Emblem which is depicted in the flag is designed to have three languages, English, French, and Spanish. The idea of adding the Norwegian to the World Heritage Emblem is foreseen in the Operational Guidelines of the World Heritage Convention. There is an error however in that the two "fixed" languages should be English and French, the official languages of the Convention. It is the Spanish which should be replaced by the Norwegian, rather than the French.