Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UNESCO's online discussion on "Funding Culture, Managing the Risk: limits and opportunities for development cooperation"

March 16 (Tuesday) - April 6 (Tuesday):

+ What: Online discussion hosted by UNESCO Culture Sector, specifically focusing on international issues in arts policy and cultural development. Join the conversation and share your insights with the world! The discussion will be dedicated to "Funding Culture, Managing Risk: Limits and Opportunites for Development Cooperation" and will be 3 weeks long.

You can also follow the debates on the discussions' Facebook (CultureDev@UNESCO) and Twitter (UNESCOCulturedev) pages.

+ Where: Participants must register in order to contribute to the discussion. Registration is open to all interested individuals. To register, please send an e-mail to the Moderator, Ms. Keiko Nowacka:k.nowack@unesco.org or visit:
and click "subscribe".
More information on how to register can be found on the Symposium's' webpage:

+ When: The discussion will be organized around the following three themes:

  • Week 1 (March 16-22) - Risk of Funding Culture: A Myth or a Reality?

  • Week 2 (March 23-29) - Dealing with Risk: What Works?

  • Week 3 (March 30-April 6) - How to Encourage Investments in the Culture Sector?

+ Why: Organized by UNESCO's Culture Sector, the discussion is part of a series of initiatives conceived to further the culture and development agenda in the area of international development policy and programming, and the catalyze and help develop the international community's policy, advocacy, and action in this critical area.

This online discussion will focus on a specific area of concern within culture and development and the perception of risks involved in cultural investments. Themes and questions will be provided to participants who will be invited to discuss: (1) reasons for (mis)perceptions of the risks involved in investing in culture; (2) means to demystify and challenge such (mis)percetions; and (3) strategies to increase the culture and development agenda's visibility in development circles.

All participants are encouraged to contribute their expertise, experience, and research on these questions. A two-day symposium on this same theme will be held at UNESCO Headquarters on April 16 and 17, during which key messages from the discussion will be shared with symposium participants to inform their debates. The ideas captured from the discussion will be reflected in a final report that UNESCO will publish on its website.

+ Contact Info: Once your registration is confirmed, you will be able to participate in this moderated discussion by sending an e-mail in English, French, or Spanish to: culturedev@sympa.communities.unesco.org Please note that all discussions will be moderated in English only.

If you should have any further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the Moderator, Ms. Keiko Nowacka (k.nowacka@unesco.org) directly.

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