Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dept of Ed Policy Attache to UNESCO Cut from U.S. Budget

Tuesday the Washington Post had a story that the White House had cut the position of Education Attache from the staff of the Permanent Representative of the United States to UNESCO. The cut is estimated to save between $631 thousand to $713 thousand.
That includes the following: one GS-15 salary, plus benefits; one Paris apartment, plus parking; travel and moving expenses; education costs for children of up to $60,000; and $170,000 for International Cooperative Administrative Support Services, an expenses-sharing mechanism used by agencies for overseas staff.
Sally Lovejoy, formerly a Congressional aid, was appointed to the job in 2006 and resigned at the end of the Bush administration. I assume that we will replace Ms. Lovejoy with a considerably junior officer, who has much less luxurious support services.

No Wonder This Woman Is Smiling
Photo credit: Susan Walsh - AP

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