Tuesday, September 23, 2008

UNESCO-World Sky Race Join Together

The World Heritage Center and the World Air League, a U.S.-based nongovernmental organization, have established a partnership aiming to promote environmental protection and the use of lighter-than-air skyships as a means to reduce pollution and pressures caused by transportation.

The World Air League is currently promoting the World Sky Race,
an historic tour and competition of lighter-than-air skyships racing 30,000+ miles. It also will be setting up on its website a means to make charitable contributions to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Don R. Hartsell, World Air League (WAL) Commissioner and Managing Director is also Chairman of Solex Environmental Systems, Inc.


Anonymous said...

The so-called "World Sky Race" is an obvious fraud. No airships currently in existence can fly the proposed route, and there are no facilities enroute for handling airships. This is not only my opinion, but also that of the Airship Association of London, a respected authority in the airship field. See


It is disgraceful for UNESCO to be associated with this con-trick.

Alfred the Doubter

Anonymous said...

Now the Airship Association has removed their condemnation of the soi-disant "World Sky Race" from their website, under the threat of legal action by the promoters. This is a typical tactic of the con-man: attacking the critic rather than responding to the criticism. However the Airship Association's opinion has been cached at:


so you can still see what they thought before they were muzzled by the lawyers.

It is a disgrace, that UNESCO is associating itself in any way with this fraud.

Alfred the Doubter (again)