Thursday, August 02, 2007

A tribute to Ingmar Bergman

UNESCO paid a tribute to Swedish movie director Ingmar Bergman this year by including the Ingmar Bergman Archives in its Memory of the World Register.

The Ingmar Bergman Archives originate from the donation to the Swedish Film Institute in 2002 by the director of his entire personal collection which covers some 65 years of activity.
The holdings reflect his entire career.

Ingmar Bergman directed and produced close to 60 movies including "The Seventh Seal" (1957), "Wild Strawberries" (1957), "Persona" (1966) and “Cries and Whispers” (1973). He was nominated for nine Oscars and three of his productions -"The Virgin Spring" (1960), "Through a Glass Darkly" (1961), and, "Fanny and Alexander" (1982), - won Oscars for best foreign film. He was awarded the “Palm of Palms” at the Cannes Film Festival in 1997.

Bergman died on 30 July 2007, at the age of 89, in his home on Faro Island, Sweden.

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