Sunday, August 19, 2007

Prospects: quarterly review of comparative education

Prospects: quarterly review of comparative education

PROSPECTS, UNESCO's journal of comparative education, has been produced since 1971. IBE is responsible for its publication since 1994. As of 2002, Springer publishes the English version of the review.

The English version is made available by Springer Science and Business Media.

The French and Spanish versions of issues No. 121-130 and of the editorials from No 131 onwards are now available on this site free of charge.

Editions in Arabic, Chinese and Russian are available in paper format from the IBE Publications Unit, IBE, P.O. Box 199, 1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland (E-mail:

Table of Contents, Editorials and Introductions to the Open Files of issues published during 1995-2001 are available here.

PROSPECTS has also produced a special series entitled '100 Thinkers on education' presenting profiles of famous educators from throughout the world.

A memoir on the history of Prospects by Zaghloul Morsy, a former editor of the journal, is available (in French) in the May issue of Lien/Link, the bulletin of the Association of Former UNESCO Employees.

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