Wednesday, July 04, 2007

EFA Global Monitoring Report 2007

The Education for All Global Monitoring Report for 2007 features Early Childhood Education.

Find out...
Why is early childhood care and education so important to achieving EFA?

Why do disadvantaged children benefit the most?

Who are the 77 million out-of-school children?

How much is needed to meet the 2015 target date?

"Time is running out to meet the EFA goals set in 2000. Despite continued overall global progress at the primary level, including for girls, too many children are not in school, drop out early or do not reach minimal learning standards. By neglecting the connections among early childhood, primary and secondary education, and adult literacy, countries are missing opportunities to improve basic education across the board – and, in the process, the prospects of children, youth and adults everywhere."

In addition to reporting on global progress towards education for all, the Report adopts a holistic approach towards early childhood care and education (ECCE). ECCE supports children’s survival, growth, development and learning – including health, nutrition and hygiene,
and cognitive, social, physical and emotional development – from birth to entry into primary school in formal, informal and non-formal settings.

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