Friday, March 23, 2007

UNESCO Position Paper on Globalization

This paper is a contribution to the discussion of the implications of globalization for higher education. It is one in a series of UNESCO position papers intended to clearly state the Organization's views and thinking on key issues relevant to education today. It provides an overview of debates on the opportunities and challenges posed by globalization to higher education, and identifies the United Nations and UNESCO texts and normative instruments that are relevant to the discussion.

The paper seeks:
* to further the exploration and understanding of higher education in a more globalized society;
* to recognize the importance that UNESCO gives to the topic; and
* consequently to outline UNESCO’s position in this regard, based on basic United Nations documents and UNESCO’s mandate for action in this field.
It focuses on UNESCO’s standard-setting, capacity building and clearinghouse functions to assist Member States in the formulation of appropriate policies and strategies to meet the challenges posed to higher education by globalization. As this is a rapidly developing field, the outlined position is likely to evolve as the debate progresses and will be subject to subsequent revisions. PDF document - 27 pages.

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