Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Emily Vargas-Baron has suggested that you may be interested in this new publication:

Cultures and Globalization: Conflicts and Tensions
Edited by: Helmut K. Anheier and Yudhushthir Raj Isar
Sage Publications, 2007.

Publishers Description:
The world's cultures and their forms of creation, presentation, and preservation are deeply affected by globalization in ways that are inadequately documented and understood. This book is designed to fill this glaring gap in our knowledge.

Analyzing the relationship between globalization and cultures is the core objective of this volume. In it leading experts track cultural trends in all regions of the world, covering issues ranging from the role of cultural difference in politics and governance to heritage conservation, artistic expression, and the cultural industries. The book also includes a data section that consolidates the recently commenced but still inchoate work of cultural indicators.

The publication of this book marks the inauguration of a series of books on World Cultures. Like so many other phenomena that characterize and are generated by globalization, conflict/culture relationships remain inadequately analyzed. This applies in particular to cultural identities and their forms of expression, creation, maintenance and renewal. The theme is not only to ensure well-being of the cultural-artistic dimension in the process of globalization. More than that, and in a broad and genuine sense, this book and the series as a whole are meant to serve the cause of peace and security through open debate, learning and understanding.
The series is a product of the Center for Civil Society at UCLA.

Yudhushthir Raj Isar, like Dr. Vargas-Baron, is a former UNESCO employee.

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