Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The USA-Iran Team wins special recognition at the Mondialogo School Contest Award Ceremony

The awaited winners list of the 2006 Mondialogo School Contest initiated by UNESCO and DaimlerChrysler to promote intercultural learning among young people was announced Monday evening in Rome. This year 35,000 students from 138 nations took part in the competition.

The winner team is one that brought together students from schools in Indonesia and Italy for raising money to provide free schooling to Indonesian children living off garbage dumps.

Second prize was awarded to a team from Japan and Turkey for a game they designed about cultural heritage protection and on how to respond to natural disasters.

The third place in the contest was shared between partner teams from Congo-Poland and a team from the Czech Republic and Argentina. The Congo-Poland team published a magazine dedicated to the life of children in these countries, while the Czech Republic-Argentina team produced an inspiring video report highlighting similarities in their everyday lives.

Special recognition for commitment to dialogue was given to a team from Iran and the U.S.A., for their project on water supply. Because direct communication between the two countries proved difficult, the partner team used intermediaries in Bolivia and Pakistan to complete their project.
Further special recognition went to a Romania-Yemen partner team for outstanding creativity. Team members set up a model intercultural community whose architecture unites Christian and Muslim elements in a single city.
A partner team from South Africa and Australia also received special recognition for a project on HIV-AIDS education.

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