Thursday, November 16, 2006

UNESCO Beijing Office: The Education Programs

The goal of Education for All (EFA) is at the core of UNESCO Beijing’s Regular Program in education, with emphasis on expanding opportunities for women, girls and ethnic minorities. A highlight of the education program by UNESCO Beijing is its cooperation with the International Research and Training Center for Rural Education (INRULED).

The Office continues to support the Golden Key Research Center of Education for the Visually Impaired. Golden Key is a Chinese non-governmental organisation dedicated to educating visually impaired children in rural areas.

UNESCO has been providing support to China, D.P.R. Korea and Mongolia under the transdisciplinary program on “Educating for a Sustainable Future (EPD)”, for their national efforts in integrating issues of environment, population, health, and development through education, training and information activities. UNESCO Beijing also contributes to the development of technical and vocational education in these three countries, thereby promoting a “learning society” in which education is no longer restricted to its traditional forms.

The UNESCO Beijing Office regularly cooperates with UNDP, UNICEF and other UN agencies on a number of projects and inter-agency activities. With UNDP China, UNESCO Beijing has been working as a technical cooperative agency for the project “Capacity Building for Environmental Education in Primary and Middle Schools through the Production of Interactive Teaching Materials.” It is also implementing the project “Improving Nine-year Compulsory Education in Poor Areas, Focussing on Girl Students”.

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