Saturday, April 30, 2005

"Integrating ICTs into the Curriculum: Analytical Catalogue of Key Publications"

UNESCO Bangkok: Catalogue

Summary: "This catalogue contains a range of resources in the form of books, CD-ROMs, online publications, websites and articles from e-journals that aim to provide teachers, senior school managers, curriculum developers and administrators with guidelines and strategies for integrating ICTs effectively into teaching and learning. The catalogue is divided into a number of sections, each with a particular focus area, and the materials have been purposefully gathered from a range of sources to provide as broad a perspective on the various issues as possible. For example, websites and publications from government agencies and departments of education are featured, such as the British Educational Communications and Technology Agency and the U.S. Department of Education, as are organizations such as the International Society for Technology in Education, respected online educational journals and case studies from regional and national primary and secondary schools. Most of the resources included in this catalogue may be found online. For the print publications and CD-ROMs, publisher’s details have been included. All resources may be found in the Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Library based at UNESCO Bangkok." Contents: Preface, Introduction, Trends and Recommendations; Section 1: General Principles and Strategies for Integrating Technology in Education and the Curriculum; Section 2: Integrating Technology into the Classroom and Developing Lesson Plans that Integrate ICTs; Section 3: Technology Integration into Specific Subjects; Section 4: Requirements for and Barriers to Effective Technology Integration; Section 5: Evaluating Effectiveness of Technology Integration; Section 6: Successful Case Studies of Technology Integration in Schools. Editors: Caroline Haddad and Luisa Rennie, UNESCO Bangkok, 2005, 110p.

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