Wednesday, March 23, 2005

UNESCO/NHK Heritage Images Archives Initiative

UNESCO/NHK Heritage Images Archives Initiativewebsite

"This partnership builds on state-of-the-art digital visual and sound processing technologies for the production of short digital TV documentaries on Heritage using Hi-Vision technology as well as quality 3-D moving images and reconstruction images related to heritage.

"These images have been edited and adapted especially for access via the web by UNESCO.

"The following 10 short documentaries, part of the NHK World Heritage 100 Series, are available for watching here:

5000 Years of Glory: The Great Pyramids
Era of Maria Theresa: The Palace and Gardens of Schönbrunn
Earthly Paradise: Classical Gardens of Suzhou
The White Fortress: Himeji-jo
Rising from the Falls: Iguazu National Park
Multicultural City: Historic Centre of Cordoba
Khmer Smile: Angkor
Ethiopian Pilgrimage: The Rock Churches of Lalibela
Pride and Hope: Reviving Bam and its Cultural Landscape
Monument for the beloved: Taj Mahal

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