Tuesday, March 22, 2005

UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network

UNESCO-Associated Schools Project Network website:

The Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) now includes some 7 509 institutions, ranging from nursery schools to teacher training institutions, in 175 countries."

A 2003 UNESCO publication describes the ASPNet program in the United States as follows:

ASPnet USA is in an unusual situation as the US has not been a member of UNESCO since 1984. Nonetheless, the Dept of State and UNESCO HQ have been very supportive. This has enabled two international workshops in 2001 and 2002, and participation in the Human Rights Conference 2002. There are 27 members of ASPnet, with 4 in the process of joining – a ‘small drop in the US bucket’. A typical school is private and small/medium; this is seen to be because public schools are preoccupied by issues of standards and assessment requirements. ASPnet schools feel they can translate UNESCO ideals into the curriculum without antagonising the structure, and that they can broaden the perspective on human rights, which is often not dealt with in depth in the regular school curriculum. Environment is a concern: one school for example managed to push for washable dishes in the cafeteria.

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