Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hanoi Declaration -- Dialogue Among Cultures andCivilizations for Peace and Sustainable Development

Xinhua - English: Asia-Pacific nations pledge dialogue for peace, sustainable development :

"Representatives from more than 30 countries in the Asia-Pacific region have shown their determination to make dialogue on cultures and civilizations a central feature of interaction in all walks of life, to help boostpeace and sustainable development.

"At the two-day conference entitled 'Dialogue Among Cultures andCivilizations for Peace and Sustainable Development' that ended here on Tuesday, the representatives adopted the Hanoi Declaration,under which, they committed to practice a culture of dialogue among nations and peoples, promote inter-cultural understanding through both formal and non-formal education and via other means, and enhance human security in the region by tackling such challenges as poverty, environmental degradation, gender equality and economic development."

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