Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Public Interest in UNESCO

Asian sites win UNESCO world heritage status
Inquirer.net - Jul 8 2008   
2,500 languages threatened with extinction: UNESCO
Times of India - Feb 19 2009   
UNESCO launches World Digital Library
Deutsche Welle - Apr 21 2009   
UNESCO strips Dresden of World Heritage site title
Vancouver Sun - Jun 25 2009   
Bulgarian diplomat wins UNESCO race
Philadelphia Inquirer - Sep 22 2009   
UNESCO adds 7 sites to World Heritage List
Ynetnews - Aug 1 2010  

The graph is from Google Trends. The top graph indicates that the number of search requests on Google for the term UNESCO has gone down since 2004. Three of the recent peaks in interest correspond to specific news related to UNESCO's World Heritage program, one to the launch of the World Digital Library (an initiative led by the United States Library of Congress), one to a UNESCO report on the threatened disappearance of many endangered minority languages, and one to the election of the Director General of the Organization.

The bottom graph indicates that the number of news articles recognized by Google about UNESCO has shown an increasing trend over the period from 2004.

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