Monday, February 01, 2010

Apollo 11 moon site named California historical resource

"On Friday, California became the first state to register the items at Tranquility Base as an official State Historical Resource.

"The unanimous vote by the eight-member California State Historical Resources Commission is part of a five-state effort to have Tranquility Base become a national historic landmark and then a world heritage site.

"Texas is part of that effort, along with New Mexico, Alabama and Florida — the other states highly involved in the Apollo program.

"Some scientists want to have Tranquility Base designated a U.N. World Heritage Site in advance of what they believe will be unmanned trips to the moon by private groups, and even someday by tourists."


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joseph demeyer said...

if UNESCO limits world heritage sites to places within the borders of its member countries that request such sites, let than the United Nations itself designate the first human lunar landing site (Tranquility Base)as a World Heritage Site in recognition of all of humankind's achievement; afterall, seen from the moon, the earth shows no national borders.