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Biographical Information for Ivonne Baki

Ivonne Baki is a candidate for Director General of UNESCO, nominated by Ecuador. Attached is her biography.

Personal Data

Name: Leila Ivonne Juez de Baki
Marital status: Married. Spouse: Sami Abd-El Baki
Place of residence: Quito


  • 1993 Doctorate in Public Administration. School Government John F. Kennedy - Harvard University (Editor's note: This seems to be an error as her website lists a Masters degreee in public administration.)
  • 1992 Master in Public Policy, School of Government John F. Kennedy - Harvard University
  • 1982 Master of Art University La Sorbonne in Paris (Editor's note: The candidates website does not list the degree.)
  • 1979 Architectural Studies at the University of Beirut


  • 2007 President of the Andean Parliament
  • Andean Parliamentary since 2006; Elected for a period of four years
  • 2003-2005 Minister of Trade Industry, Fisheries and Competitiveness
  • 2003-2004 President of the Commission of the Andean Community of Nations
  • 1998-2002 Ambassador of Ecuador to the United States of America
  • 1984-1990 Honorary Counsel of Ecuador in Lebanon
  • 1992-1998 Honorary Counsel of Ecuador in Boston, MA
  • 1998 Adviser to the President of Ecuador in the negotiations culminated in the signing of peace treaty with Peru
  • 1995 Member of the Foundation "Without Borders"; Dedicated to help depressed areas of the province of Esmeraldas
  • 1994-1996 Member of the Board of Directors of "Conflict Management Group ", a nonprofit organization dedicated to conflict resolution and the promotion of peace in many regions of the World, led by Professor Roger Fisher.

Decorations and Awards

  • "It merits of Excellence l'EuropĂ©ene"
  • Order of the Cedar of Lebanon
  • National Order of Merit of Ecuador
  • Decoration Resident Artist at Harvard University.
  • Award 1992 "Art for Peace", Princeton University
  • Honorato Vasquez Prize 1992, awarded by the Government of Ecuador.
  • The 1998 Order of The House of Representatives United States of America.
  • Designated 1999's "The five most powerful women Washington, "Embassy of Ecuador
  • "Excellency in Leadership Award" of the Economic International Order of Merit of Lebanon
  • The U.S. Women in Leadership Award
  • The Global Citizen Award. Patel Foundation
  • The Humanitarian Rose Award. Princess of Wales Foundation

  • "Forces of Change: Artists of the Arab World"
  • "A Life of Art: Searching for Peace"

Short Video (Spanish): Homenaje a la Dra. Ivonne Baki

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