Monday, May 11, 2009

UNESCO in Cyberspace

Keyword popularity across the Blogosphere
This chart illustrates how many times blog posts across the Blogosphere contained the following keywords.

Technorati provides this widget with the frequency of mentions of UNESCO (red) and World Heritage (blue) in blogs. The widget updates the information, but as it is shown today, there is a peak interest in UNESCO in mid-April. That might be related to the meeting of the Executive Board of the Organization.

I have noted that there seems to be recent concern among Brazilians participating in Twitter that their government is supporting Farouk Hosny, a controversial Egyptian candidate for Director General of UNESCO rather than Marcio Barbosa, the Brazilian Deputy Director of UNESCO who is widely regarded as having done a good job and as being a serious candidate for the post.

There has also been some recent twittering about "Is UNESCO damaging the world's treasures?" The article in The Independent (UK) expresses a serious concern that UNESCO designation as a World Heritage site results in damaging some important sites as the designation results in more traffic to fragile sites that their governments can not properly maintain.

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