Tuesday, October 25, 2005

U.S, Secretary of Education at UNESCO's General Conference

Read U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling's remarks to the Plenary Session, and the note she transmitted from the First Lady, Laura Bush.

An excerpt from the remarks:

"Together, we have helped countries move toward a more hopeful and sustainable future of freedom and prosperity. As we all know, the road to democracy starts with a commitment to education. In Iraq, UNESCO has led the effort to replace hateful propaganda in schools with math and science textbooks. And in Afghanistan, UNESCO has helped strengthen teacher training and literacy programs for women.

"Last spring, Mrs. Bush and I visited the new Women’s Teacher Training Institute in Kabul. The women at this school want to help spread literacy and opportunity to every corner of Afghanistan. They are anxious to learn and to have a voice in their nation’s future.

"Although we come from many different places, we all understand the importance of education. And we all agree that we must work together to achieve the goals of UNESCO’s Education for All effort. We know that literacy and education are the keys to success for individuals and for nations. And we face the challenge of ensuring everyone has access to them."

Secretary Spellings also spoke to the Ministerial Round Table on Education for All.


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