Wednesday, August 03, 2005

IAAF Withdraws Proposal for Lifetime Bans

AP story via Yahoo! News:

"USA Track & Field withdrew its proposal Wednesday for lifetime bans for first-time steroid violations after the sport's world governing body promised to push for an increase of suspensions from two years to four years for all serious doping offenses.

"USATF wanted life bans for a first steroid infraction as part of its zero-tolerance policy on doping. But it withdrew the measure after the International Association of Athletics Federations said it would lobby for a return to four-year suspensions for all sports in 2007.

"The IAAF switched from four-year bans to two-year suspensions in 1997 to avoid costly litigation.

"The IAAF fears that life bans would lead to drawn-out court cases and undermine the World Anti-Doping Code, which calls for two-year suspensions. The code has already been adopted by major international sports federations, while national governments are scheduled to sign a UNESCO convention accepting the treaty this fall."

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