Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ICT strategy devised for basic education

INQ7.net report:

"A (Philippine) NATIONAL strategy is being devised by several government agencies and private companies will integrate information and communications technology tools for basic education in public primary and secondary schools.

"The new education initiative, called the National Strategic Planning for ICT in Basic Education will serve to give focus and direction in integrating ICT-based learning to all basic education programs in public schools...........

"DepEd has tapped the regional education bureau of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Education (UNESCO) to provide technical assistance to the group.

"UNESCO ICT in Education Chief Cedric Wachholz said his group has already helped 14 Asia-Pacific countries to implement ICT-based learning.

“'We’ll be offering tools and materials to help the group come up with policies for long-term sustainability,' Wachholz said."

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